Professional Growth

My focus on professional growth during this first lesson is to become better at recognizing where students are in their understanding of the topic, through questioning. We have seen the students’ answers to questions related to the lesson that we are going into, but we do not quite know exactly how they worked to find the mean. Specifically, I want to know more about their interpretation of mean as either a balance point or as fair share. This means I want to present to them data with which to find a mean, and then I will have them use the counting blocks to show us how they think when being asked to calculate a mean. To prepare, we will be scripting questions to bring to them, so we can figure out how the students think, identifying both strengths and weaknesses in their thought process. To practice whether or not the questions make sense, I will ask my roommate Justin the questions, and see if: a.) they make sense to him, and  b.) if he thinks they would make sense to middle schoolers.


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